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Ability to manage multiple devices for a simultaneous start on different grids, the names have to simply be the same on the smartphone. Each device has its own manual start, but also has an events management related to one or more sensors.

The installed sensor on the Dynsal TM Bluetooth ® are:

1 x Speaker
1 x Temperature sensor (-40 °C to 125 °C)
1 x Atmospheric pressure sensor (which may also calculate on the smartphone the height above sea level) of 50 kPa to 115 kPa or 7.2519psi to 16.679psi
1 x Humidity sensor from 1 to 100%
1 x ON/OFF sensor
1 x calculate the height above sea level (based on an average value of 10 values) (found in software for smartphones)

You can extend the functionality by wiring other sensors that are managed by the Dynsal™Bluetooth® :

1 x thermocouple temperature sensor for example (Eg “-250 ° C to 1372 ° C “or” -418 ° F to 2501.6 ° F “for extreme temperatures) To select the proper range sensors in K mode.
1 x temperature sensor from -40 ° to 125 ° C
1 x light sensor from 0 to 26,000 lux
1 x smoke, gas, CO2 sensor.. value from 0 to 18 (1000) ppm, 0 to 5000 mV
1 x liquid or air pressure sensor of 1 mbar at 10 000 mbar or 1 to 150 psi
16 x digital inputs and outputs with the option to use them in matrices or have 64 points matrix. Ideal for the creation of a remote control for example.

You also have management options to create different possibilities:

1 x jumper on the module installed in advance which can detect if the module is located outside or inside.
2 x startups of a clock which can cumulate the time a pin is in contact. 1 to 4294967295 seconds
2 x cyclics to manage such movements engine with a return
2 x flashing LED with time configuration setting between the turned on and the turned off time distinct from one another and to
500 ms (5000 ms or more ** defining duration max current) requirements.
2x counters with contact detection each of up to: 4294967295
1 timer from 1min to 23:59 or continuous action.

With the DynsaI™ Bluetooth® you have the following personal assistance:

- On the internal temperature sensor, you can set an audio alarm with different tones to warn of excessive temperature.

- If the alarm is not stopped and the temperature continues to rise to 60 °C and if a configured smartphone is within reach, the latter triggers a connection to 2 FTP sites, giving the location information, and type of incident in real time.A center (to be defined) will collect this information to alert the nearest emergency. (Software sold by Centre Direct du Multimedia)

- In a car, if the AirBag is within the reach of Dynsal™ Bluetooth® range of 30 to 100 meters (98 to 328 fts) of a smartphone, it immediately sends 2 FTP sites location data, see more information in the menu: applications specialist.(Software sold by Centre Direct du Multimedia)

- If a person has collapsed and she pressed a button on the Dynsal™ Bluetooth® (with an extension of a sensor) and if a configured smartphone is within range, there will be a trigger to send 2 sites FTP information about location.This option is also available on the smartphone without using Dynsal™ Bluetooth®. The center (to be defined) will receive an identification to call for help. (Software sold by Centre Direct du Multimedia)

- If a person is attacked, she pressed a button on the Dynsal™ Bluetooth® (with an extension of a sensor) there will be a trigger on a
configured smartphone within range, to send to 2 FTP sites localisation information .There option is also available on the smartphone without using Dynsal™ Bluetooth®.The center (to be defined) will receive an identification to call the service vices order.(Software sold by Centre Direct du Multimedia)

- In case of burglary, if you are not home but have left a configured smartphone within range. The latter will capture detection and send two FTP sites on the information to be managed by a center (to be defined) and also on a person’s email.


The Dynsal™ Bluetooth® manages time slots set to the minute up to 23 hours and 59 minutes or continuously.
It has the ability to have 7 time slots per day, seven days of the week, with the cyclic and non-cyclic option.

-This, via an ON/OFF control of the Dynsal™ Bluetooth®
-And 5 ON/OFF controls via sensor extension

When an event occurs ,there is a management timer which is triggered from first minute until 23:59, or continuously.
In the Planning management, the Dynsal™ Bluetooth® also manages conditions with events complementary to the sensor with a set value (set by the user).

Possibility of managing a single sensor with its event, but also if the planning schedule is enabled, additional management within the scheduled time slots

- The sensors involved in the Dynsal Tm Bluetooth are: Internal temperature sensor, ON/OFF sensor
- The added sensors involved are: thermocouple sensor, light sensor, external temperature sensor, clock 1 and 2, cyclic 1 and 2, 1 meter, burglary

The sensors not only have a function of reading information but are active.
Note that we can give them a value not to exceed, and if this value is exceeded or is equal, it will trigger an action.
Sensors involved are:

- On the Dynsal™ Bluetooth®: temperature sensor, humidity sensor, ON/OFF sensor
- On the added sensors: thermocouple sensor, light sensor, CO2 gas smoke sensor ,temperature sensor, pressure bar sensor, time
comparison on the two clocks, timer, on event, for the two indicators. These can be activated independently of one another, the two counters each on their own value that will trigger an event and on the 8 ON/OFF sensors.


Option to increase the possibilities by combining sensors and events between them.
For example, you can have a temperature sensor which is configured to trigger at 22 ° C or 71.6 ° F, you connect the output of this event to one of the clock pins of the DynsaI™ Bluetooth® to calculate the time during which the temperature remained on 22 ° C or 71.6 ° F. This is just one example. The possibilities are numerous. For this, there is no need for programming , just connect the Dynsal™ Bluetooth® between the pins to give additional functions.

The user who will use a product integrating a Dynsal™ Bluetooth® will have these possibilities with his smartphone.

- The user will have 2 additional events. On carrier sense or carrier loss, if this function is enabled, there will be an event that will run on the Dynsal™ Bluetooth®.

The audio portion of the Dynsal™ Bluetooth® allows you to further increase the capabilities of the product.

- On the DynsaI™ Bluetooth®, you have a small speaker for alarm, it has a jumper to set a higher or lower amplification mode.
There is also another less strident noise generator which can be activated simply on an output of the events.

- You can send audio from your smartphone to the internal speaker. The sound is mono, the two stereo channels are mixed and output on a single speaker.

- On Dynsal™ Bluetooth® you also have a high fidelity stereo HIFI part that can be wired to an amplifier and thus have a wireless system to broadcast high quality audio on the smartphone over a distance of 30 meters.


Dynsal™ Bluetooth® in case of power failure:

In case of power failure, the module includes a battery to maintain the configuration parameters but not the actual execution of these
parameters, for 3 years. The Dynsal™ Bluetooth® must always be connected to a power supply.

Increase the range or the free communication of a Faraday cage type:
The Dynsal™ Bluetooth® has two different references, the first with an integrated ceramic antenna, the second with an antenna which can
be fixed outside the Faraday box type. For example, to integrate in the handle of a furnace. Be careful to order the correct reference.
With an external antenna, we can reach a range of up to 100 meters..

Connect with my product to the Dynsal™ Bluetooth®:

The inputs and outputs are in TTL (Transistor-transistor logic). Each value can be intercepted by the smartphone to analyze. Physically, the Dynsal™ Bluetooth ® is welded or put on a stand.Since Dynsal™ Bluetooth ® must be on a printed circuit board, you can predict its location and by the type of product place it on your PCB (footprint having already been prepared in advance) or not to place it.The Dynsal™ Bluetooth® can work in parallel with the existing one.We sell a prototyping board which allows you perform all tests rapidly

Pairing :

On it’s first start or connection to the power supply, the DynsaI™ Bluetooth® gives the user 2 minutes to locate it. Beyond these 2 minutes, you cannot access it. This is to avoid a neighbor taking control of your device with the Dynsal™ Bluetooth®.You did not have time to locate your smartphone to complete the “pairing”? You only have to disconnect and reconnect (turn off power and turn on again) to start pairing.
The DynsaI™ Bluetooth® is so secure that it can be used to manage cars’ doors and even manage car startup.The user can create his own code and share it with one or more people who own a smartphone. Once pairing is complete, the bluetooth frame does not allow any other smartphones to locate it.The limit is 16 pairing devices. You can define several areas that could be the floor of a house or a workplace for example. Once the pairing is, there is the possibility to give a name to the device containing the DynsaI™ Bluetooth®. If two or more devices share the same name, controlling one of them automatically controls the others.

Security :

The DynsaI™ Bluetooth®.offers high security because it has a unique “mac address” code that cannot be used in another’s place.
It is integrated with the component and factory hard coded, so it cannot be erased.
You can also choose your own code to identify your Dynsal™ Bluetooth® versus another.This code is factory set.
The component cannot be copied and gives us a real protection against piracy.
Integration in each electrical and electronic product depends on your creativity. The module being universal, will fit anywhere.

Sharing and collection :

In the software on smartphone Dynsal™ Bluetooth®, the user has the possibility to share information about temperature, atmospheric pressure and humidity when the module is declared as being outdoors and atmospheric pressure when the module is installed indoors. However, as soon as this function is activated by the user, he will receive a cartographic modeling with the values of other users who have enabled this function.You cannot activate this function by default due to the laws of different countries, as we have just collected location information that are private.

Reset :

Configurations settings of the smartphone are stored in the Dynsal™ Bluetooth®.If the unit is sold, the new user must be able to use it.For this, if a “hidden” button exists, it can factory reset the Dynsal™ Bluetooth® module.If there is no reset button, it is possible to disconnect and connect 5 consecutive times, this causes a reset. It is also possible to factory reset from a smartphone provided that the product has already been paired before.
























mother card for testing and evaluate

Mother card for testing, simulate and evaluate